Blog take 2!!

Hello Guys!

I have had this blog for almost 2 years and i have not been happy with for a while! I wasn’t happy with the content or imagery for a while. Because of this i found that i was taking long months away and not really doing anything with it, partly due to my mental health, also because i was feeling uninspired.

Because of this i felt like it was time for a fresh start, i decided to strip my blog back down to the bones by deleting all my old post, as i wasn’t happy with any of them.

There are a few things that i want to do differently this time around. The first thing i want to do is to be more organised. I purchased two notebooks in the hope that this will help. On the theme of being organised i want to take more time with working on my posts. The last time i definitely rushed my posts trying to fit some fake deadline that i set in my head.

I can’t guarantee that there won’t be times where i take long breaks, because i do suffer from anxiety and depression, i do hope that getting back into writing will help with it as it is my main passion so whether it be blogging or getting back into my fictional writing, it may help calm me, however sometimes i might need a little time away .

Honestly i feel so liberated starting again and i have excitement about doing this blog again: I also feel like now is the perfect time to do this as there are so many exciting things coming up. We have Halloween, four birthdays (mine included), Bonfire night (which is the same day as my birthday). We also have a Holiday, Christmas and finally new year. So it is a busy few months for me and my family which is really exciting and will provide some amazing things to write about!

I want to be keeping the content very similar to what it was before: fashion, beauty, lifestyle ect. However i will be putting my all into all of it and not rushing to get it out, just so i can love my content and  hope you guys will to! I can’t wait for you guys to read it!!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned


26 things i want to do at 26!

Hello guys

Tomorrow is my birthday, i will be 26, which i find kind of crazy as i don’t feel 26 and i definitely do not act that way.

However as it approaches i was thinking about all the things that i have achieved in my life. Such as getting my degree and learning to control my anxiety.  Now my next birthday is approaching i have been thinking about what i want to achieve over the next year and i think it would be poignant to come up with 26 little things that i could do to try and improve my overall life.

  1. Focus on my Physical and mental well being-
  2. Challenge myself
  3. Have more adventures
  4. Develop more skills
  5. Challenge my fashion choices
  6. Care less
  7. Follow my passions
  8. Get organised
  9. kick bad habits
  10. Spend more time at the beach
  11. Become a morning person
  12. Take on freelance work
  13. Remove toxic friendships
  14. Charity
  15. Eat less pizza
  16. Be more of an outdoors person
  17. Lose control
  18. Read more
  19. Get another tattoo
  20. Don’t let negativity get me down
  21. Ask for help
  22. Try new foods
  23. Make memories
  24. Appreciate the little things
  25. Find new places in Norwich to explore
  26. Be happy

You may be reading this and thinking I’m stupid! Or that some of these aren’t set targets but I honestly think by making small changes I can achieve all 26 of these! I would love your ideas and suggestions on how I can do these and if you live in Norwich or surrounding Norfolk I’d love your recommendations of places to eat and visit.If you guys are interested I will do a little update in 3 months to where I am! I’m not gonna say it’s gonna be easy but i do believe it’s worth a try!I’ll see you on the other side of my birthday, until then thanks for reading and it’s time to celebrate!!

Much love