Living on a budget: My tips

Hi guys.

If you have read any of my previous blog post you will know that one of my goals is to move to London, because of this i have been saving hard and after i have paid my rent and my phone bill it leaves me with about £200 a month to live on. Because of this i have had to learn how live on a small budget so i thought this post i would share my tips on how i do this and hopefully you can pick some tips.

  1.  My first tip is to not be frightened of second hand. Honestly guys i used to be such a snob and hated buying second hand but as i grew i up i realised that you can find some real gems in a charity shop. Another good thing about this is that because they don’t cost very much you can customise or alter them in any way you want without breaking the bank and that way you will have something 100% unique that nobody else will have. Also a lot of trends come back around so you could have tomorrow’s big trend.
  2. My second tip is to pre-buy presents. I know that occasions like Christmas only come around once a year but i have already started shopping for it. You probably think i’m mad but if you find the perfect gift for someone on sale in June it could be 2x more expensive by December so it pays to get it’s whilst it’s cheap.
  3. Tip 3 is to not buy bulk loads of cheap rubbish that is going to be ruined in a few weeks. Sometimes it’s worth investing in something that’s a little bit more expensive that will last and you will love for a lifetime rather than something cheaper that you’ll be bored of pretty quickly.
  4. Tip number 4 is that you don’t have to blow a lot of money on a night out to have a good time. I have learned that it’s more about who your with than what your doing. So a girls night in is just as fun as going clubbing and a lot cheaper
  5. My final tip is probably pretty obvious but embrace a sale! I love the January sales and any sale in fact. Just because you can get a lot more for your money and if it’s a piece that you have been dying for but it’s a little out of your price range sometimes it pays to wait. But one thing i will say is once a sale hits you have to act fast because things will sell out quickly.

There you go guys, these are my top five tips for living on a shoe string budget. I hope you find them useful and let me know how you got on implementing them. I’m hoping to do a charity shop challenge post in the near future so let me know if that is something that you would like to see.

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#Askmeanything twitter Q and A

Hey guys

Sometimes i feel like i want to write a post telling you a little more about me and who i am, but then at the same time what i think is interesting you might not so i don’t want to bombard you with information that you guys couldn’t care less about so i thought it would be fun to find out what you guys would like to know, so i asked twitter. Some lovely people that follow me on there have asked me questions which i’m going to answer in this post, i will put a links to their twitters so don’t forget to follow them xx

@eleaanormay what’s your favourite Disney Movie? 

Well first of all i’m a big Disney fan and i haven’t watched a Disney film and didn’t like it, but i have to say my favourite one is Beauty and the Beast. Just because it has such a positive message about acceptance and it’s whats on the inside that counts. It has some great lessons for children to grow up and learn. Also i think that Belle is such a strong female character and doesn’t let the fact that she is female stop her and i think that every women should have a little bit of Belle in her.

@xxbkt – What’s your dream career? 

Now this question is a little hard for me to answer because i have a few things that i’m passionate about. My degree is in visual media so i would defiantly like to do something with that. But i also have a big passion for writing, fashion, beauty so i would like to explore those more. I don’t want to be stuck in just one lane, so i guess you could say my dream career is to be able to make a living from being creative. Also something that’s not on that spectrum but i would love to open a bakery with my sister.

@stacespacex  What makes you happiest? 

What makes me happiest is just spending time with the people i love, i don’t really care what i am doing as long as i am with them.

Who’s your Favourite celebrity and why?

My favourite celebrity is Fearne Cotton. I grew up watching her on Top of the pops and just loved her. She has an amazing style and is so comfortable with who she is. Also if i could be even 1% as cool as she is i would be happy.

What did you want to be when you grew up, when you where younger?

I always wanted to be a writer when i was younger, instead of playing outside i would be in my bedroom writing scripts and short stories (They where never very good). But funny story i did go through a stage of wanting to be a librarian because i watched the first mummy film and thought that’s what librarians did.

@ktlgh What got you into blogging? 

I had been thinking about starting a blog for a while, but what made me finally decide to do it was just the fact that i love writing and the opportunity to write about what i wanted with out restriction is such a good opportunity.

Who’s the biggest inspiration in your life? 

In my personal life it’s 100% my mum, she has been through a lot in her life and comes out the other side stronger. In a professional life i would say JK Rowling, her story is so inspiring and reading the first Harry potter books is what first made me want to be a writer.

@saffronwatson What’s your favourite gif? 

Ooh a hard question because if you follow me on twitter you will know i love a gif. I think my favourite one has to be the stitch one where he talks about Ohana, just because it’s super cute and of course it’s Disney.

What would be your dream job?

This question is similar to an earlier one and as i said i just would love to make a living from creative projects. On creative project that i would love to do is some sort of fashion documentary just because it could combine my degree with my love for fashion.

Favourite chocolate bar? 

well because i am female i obviously love chocolate, and i go through stages of obsession. But i think my all time favourite is a Terry’s chocolate orange.

If you where a biscuit what would you be and why? 

First of all i love this question and i have actually been asked this in a job interview before. If i was a biscuit i would 100% be a Ginger nut, just because i’m a natural redhead and i’m a little crazy.

@whatchloewrote Whats the one item of clothing that you can’t live without? 

I had to think about this one for a while because there is a few bits and bob i need just because where i live e.g. Jumpers because it get’s really cold living by the sea. But the one thing i couldn’t live without is a good pair of black jeans. Just because i love wearing jeans due to how versatile they are and you can wear them all year round, and black ones just because for me when it comes to jeans i prefer them the darker the better.

@kvburton657 If your home was on fire and you could only grab 5 items what would they be? 

Well number 1, 2 would be  my cats Poppy and Coco. 3 would be the fish tank with the fish in, 4 would be my phone, 5  would be my laptop.

Dream Pet and why? 

Well a pet that i have always wanted is a pug dog but i can’t have one because i have cats.

Who do you most look up to? 

well because she is my biggest inspiration i 100% look up to my mum. Just for the same reason as before.

If you could put yourself in any sitcom or drama which would it be, who would you be and why? 

Well one of my friends say’s i’m a lot like Max Black from 2 broke girls,Not in the smoking drugs way, but because apparently i can be quite sassy. Also i have the being broke thing down so i would probably be her.

If money where no object, where would you be booking to go on holiday next? 

If money where no object i probably would just go everywhere, there are so many different places i want to go so i’d probably just spend my life travelling the world.

@rossclark2017 what is your dream career/ hopes and dreams for the future?

As i said earlier my dream career is just to be creative, and my hopes and dreams for the future are to just simply be able to live comfortable enough so i don’t have to worry about money and i would love to buy my mum/dad their dream house.

So thank you lovely lot for your questions, i hope my answers where to your satisfaction. Also i hope you guys enjoyed learning more about me and if you would like to follow me on social media the links are below, also please tell me what you thought of this post and maybe some of your answers to these questions.

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Life update/May goals

Hi guys

Last time I uploaded onto my blog was probably over a month ago, if you read that post you will know that I was suffering from anxiety. After I went to see my doctor he put me on medication called sertraline which does control my anxiety but side affects made me feel drowsy, so it was important that I rested when I was not working. Luckily I am much better, I do still have days where I feel super anxious for reasons that I don’t even know myself but I do have it under control and taking some time out to rest has helped. I’m in a much more positive mind frame now and I feel super motivated so here are some are my goals for May.

  • Getting back into blogging as I have been really missing it.

  • Get my diet back on track, there is still a lot of weight that I want to loose so I would love to get that underway this month I have joined slimming world so I would love to lose at least half a stone by the end of this month

  • Another one related to my health I want to get back into my fitness, last year I was really into it and going at least 5x a week, motivation really dropped when I got ill so once I get some weight off I want to get back into my fitness

So those are my three goals for this month, I’m hoping that May will be a lot more of a positive experience thank April and i’m looking at it in a much more positive way. I have a lot of things to look forward to the coming month.

I hope you guys have a awesome month, why don’t you tell me some of your goals in the comments below and if you would like to follow me on social media I will pop those links below as well.

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My mental healthSo as i sit down and write this i realise that it’s not going to be one of those post’s where i sit an write a conclusion or give you some life affirming advice on what to do or how to deal with it if your going through it. The truth is i don’t have the answers and honestly if any of you guys do have the please let me know because right now i’m struggling and i’m vulnerable.

Lately i have noticed in me a lot of changes, i’v not felt as strong as i used to be. What i first noticed is that i started to shake, weirdly i just thought i was cold because of the weather (how strange is that)  but then i noticed that even with the heating on and a hot water bottle i was still shaking, but i didn’t think nothing of it. My bosses at work noticed a lot of changes in my mood, something i did not, and they mistook for me not wanting to be there. Obviously the pressure built which added and made my moods worse. After that the feeling of dread kicked in where i was dreading the day and the thought of physically getting out of bed made me feel sick. I felt un-motivated to do anything, i stopped doing my fitness classes put loads of weight back on, i stopped organising my room half way through and just left it and i’m going to be honest with you half the time i couldn’t even be bothered to brush my hair.

Eventually i knew i needed to get some help, because i could not do it anymore. I feel slightly lucky in such a tragic way that my mother had gone through this i have noticed the signs quit early on. So i had a feeling i knew what it was.

I went to the doctors on the 21/3/2017 i told him my symptoms, sat with my mother. In my head i was praying that he would tell me that nothing was wrong but he didn’t. He told me that i was right and i have Anxiety and Depression. My doctors told me that mine is most likely down to stress, and hopefully now it’s diagnosed i can take positive steps into getting better. I’m on medication for anxiety and depression and will have been told about some mental health charities that i can get in touch with. I’v also told my bosses at work so hopefully that i can move in a positive direction.

I’m going to be completely honest with you guys right now i’m scared. I’v always been quite a impatient person so i know i’m going to want to get better as quick as possible, i’m hoping that this impatience won’t hinder me.

This has been one of the scariest and most honest things i have ever written but after telling my bosses today i didn’t sound very articulate nor when i was explaining it to my doctor. This has been a real relief because i can put it in my own words in the simplest form. I don’t know what’s going to be in store for me mentally, but i will continue this blog because i feel at my most content when i write.

Thank you all for reading.

Much love

Cody xx

The this time next year tag!

Hi guys
I keep getting tagged in these lovely posts, i think that it’s wonderful so thank you Chelsea Ann for the tag!  I particularly love this tag because it’s all about ambition and goals!  So let’s sink our teeth into it and get started!!
The Rules
Thank the person who tagged you
Set yourself goals for the next year
Write how you’re going to achieve these goals
Tag at least 5 of your blogger friends to do this tag
Then, in 365 days write a post reflecting on your goals and what you achieved

This time next year i will have:

Moved to London!!

This has been my dream since i was 17! I’m currently in the saving and research phase but i think i can get there by the end of the year!

Blog full time!!

I love blogging so much! i’m working really hard to make it look as professional as possible! I need to fix my camera (or buy a new one), i would love to get some more professional looking images. The idea of turning my passion into a job would be amazing.

Complete my first book

I have wanted to write a book since i was 9 years old and i have finally had time to start it so i will have the first draft finished be this time next year

Film projects 

I love being creative and this is what i studied at university so once i make my move to London i can’t wait to get stuck into film projects and making my mark on the industry that i love.

 So i tag






I hope you guys have enjoyed reading about my goals and ambition. Feel free to tell me what you think. Do you have the same goals? Have you achieved any of them please let me a know.

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Much love

Cody xx

(p.s) Just a little credit where credit is due to the lovely Chelsea for the beautiful imagery, i think we can all agree it’s fantastic (sorry about the mix up babe) xx

My first bath bomb experience.

Hi guys

So ever since i became i a blogger i have noticed that every fashion and beauty blogger out there loves a bath bomb (well at least all the ones that i have read) when i noticed this i realised something, i have never tried using one, not because i don’t like using them, it’s purely because i have been more of a quick shower kind of girl.

So today i have decided in the interest of research that i’m going to try one. My sister uses them and says that they are relaxing, so does my best friend. a I feel that if this is the case it could be something that would be good for me because i do find it super hard to rewind.


So if you have read my previous blog post about my haul into Norwich, you will have seen this picture before. This is the bath bomb that i have bought. I chose this one for a couple of reason’s. The first being was the smell, when i picked it up it just smelt so beautiful. The second reason that i bought it was because it was so pretty,the colours and the little rose petal in it, i just felt drawn to it.

The fact that it was only a couple of pounds for it was great, i honestly thought it would be a lot more money just because i thought Lush was expensive but the fact that it was under £5 was lovely.

THE VERDICTimg_14431So this is what it looked looked like (sorry for the picture quality). I loved the way that it looked in the bath, it looked so pretty and romantic.

I have heard a lot about how bath bombs are relaxing and i did find that they where relaxing and i was able to unwind for the first time in ages which i defiantly needed. I honestly couldn’t imagine myself being one of those girls who is completely addicted to buying and using bath bombs religiously (but hey you never know) just because as i said i’m more of a grab a quick shower girl. But i 100% will be buying another one and using it in times that i feel i need to unwind because i did enjoy the experience and i can see why you guys love them.

So guys i hope you guys enjoyed this blog post, if so please tell me your feelings on bath bombs? Do you love them? Hate them? and am i completely wrong on my earlier assumptions? Please let me know, also please let me know what you thought of this blog post and if you would like to follow me on social media please do the links are below.

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February favourite’s

Hey guys.

It’s March!!!

Can you believe that February is over already, this is my first ever favourites post which i’m super excited about so let’s just jump right in there.


For my beauty favourite, i can’t not rave about my new foundation.img_14371
As someone who is super pale i struggle to find foundation that is the right shade for my skin, so when Loreal claimed they could match 98% of skin tones i was intrigued to see if i came into that 98% and happily i did. I came in the palest tone but i finally found one. Also this foundation has really nice coverage and you don’t need to apply a thick layer. You can find this foundation in all good boots stores.


This month my fashion favourite has been embroidery, i have seen it dominating in img_14291the high street and i’v bought a few item’s myself. I love this style just because i think it’s super diverse, whatever your style i think you can make embroidery work for you which is great. One of my favourite pieces i own is this shoes from new look, i loved these shoes so much i spent my phone bill on them!!
I feel like New look are dominating the game with this trend which is why i find i’m buying a lot from them at the minute.


For my music this month, it has to be Jojo’s mad love album. I know that this album came out in 2016 but i only discovered it this month and i love it! It’s defiantly a must to for millennial’s who loved Jojo in 2006. It make me quite sad that Jojo fans had to wait 10 years for another album and it’s kind of underrated. My favourite song off the album is defiantly Music but i love the whole album. So if you haven’t listened to this yet check it out!


For my TV and Film favourite i’m not going to talk about a new release, this film has been out since the 90’s!! I think i’m obsessed with watching it because the live action version will be coming out in March. Yes if you haven’t guessed it my February favourite film is Beauty and the Beast. I have loved this film since it was released but through out February (and the last few months really) i haven’t been able to stop watching it. I can’t wait to see what they have done with the live action version, i hope it will be on par with this one or i’ll be disappointed, just because i have been so excited. But as i have never seen a Disney film i didn’t like i’m optimistic. And before the live action film comes out if you haven’t watched the animated version i 100% recommenced you do.


This for me is the hardest one to write just because since i started to blog i have connected with so many bloggers who are all so fabulous. But m_poboopk_400x400y favourite blogger of at the moment is Tea with B, not only because she is a super lovely person to talk to you know that she is super passionate about what she is writes about which i love. So i defiantly recommend you check her out.


One of my favourite Youtuber’s to watch is Sophie Hannah Richardson. I honestly think this girl is super cool and she was one of the first Vloggers that i started watching but what has continued to keep me watching is the fact that she is so passionate about fashion and style which is lovely to watch. I also love the fast that she is so creative with her looks which as someone who love’s fashion is super inspiring. So if you haven’t yet i 100% recommend you check her out.

Thank you guy’s for reading my post!! I hope you guys have enjoyed reading my February favourites, please let me know what yours are, also if you have checked out any of my favourites what do you think of them.

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