Beauty on a budget: 7th heaven facemasks

Hi guys 

I love beauty but let’s be honest it can get pricey and sometimes we just don’t have the money to invest in all these fancy products that cost crazy amount s no matter how much they are a must have (and I’m sure worth every penny). Also as a girl who has never grown up with loads of money I do love a good bargain!!! 

So from time to time I’m going to give a shout-out to a product I love that doesn’t cost a lot and for my first one it’s theses facemasks from 7th heaven. 

These literally retail at between £1/£2 each and they are worth every penny! Every time i use one my face feels super fresh and awake! Also if your fairly new to beauty and facemasks this is a great option for you!

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National sibling day! 

Hi guys 

So yesterday was national sibling day and I was going to do this post yesterday but I couldn’t because I was working so I’m sorry that this isn’t on the right day! But personally i think that this is a cool day to celebrate because i think having a sibling is like having a personal best mate. So let me introduce you to mine.

Who is she?

This is my beautiful sister Josie, she’s a year younger than me and i’m going to tell you a little about her.

How are we similar?

We do have a few similarities we both love beauty and fashion but i would say that our styles differ. In terms of beauty she’s very much into her skin products and things like that and i’m very much into make up. She’s always telling me about the latest face mask, and i’m showing her the newest lipstick or foundation that i brought. As for fashion she goes for more of a classic look i think i’m a little more experimental (she looks amazing)

How are we different?

I think we are different in some aspects! We have different tastes in movies. She loves gore and horrer film but i’m all about story. We also have different taste in music she loves pop punk and thing like that which i’m not a big fan of.

Her hobbies

One of her biggest hobbies is baking! I’m a big fan of that because i get the joy of eating her lovely cakes. I would say i’m her biggest fan when it comes to her baking (that is why i’m not a size 10 haha)

Our biggest arguments!
We don’t argue to the point where we will ever stop talking to her! But we are both quite passionate people so we do stand up for what we believe in! But when anyone try’s to hurt one or the other we shut that down and we both Queens of comebacks so you can imagine what our arguments can get like

3 things i love about her!!

1 she’s a beauty (a little jealous)
2 sisters always got my back
3 she’s super talented in so many ways

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Primark lip kits: are they worth it?

Hi guys 

I must confess I’m somewhat of a snob when it comes to buying products, I like the bigger brands. But let’s be honest sometimes are budget’s are a little more humble. I know mine is. So when I was in primark and saw that they had a range of lip kits for just £3 I decided to put aside my product snobbery and try one. So this is just a little post on what I thought.

So this is the lip kit, as you can see te packaging is basic enough but let’s be honest we don’t shop in primark for fancy packaging we shop in there for a bargain and £3 certainly is that. The shade i bought was called cookie dough which is a super cute name and it’s light brown colour (not something i would usually pick). In the kit you get a lip liner and a matte lip gloss, i’m sure this is to appeal to Kylie Jenner fans who can’t necessarily afford her prices, i’m sure a lot of other brands will do the same.

I have to say i really liked the colour when i put it on my hand. For a lot of people this colour is playing it safe but for me not so much because i’m not used to this colour palette.

This is me with the colour on my lips. I felt that it was really easy to apply the gloss spread nicely without being messy. A couple of lovely points about it is that it dried really quickly but didn’t make my lips feel dry which i know some matte lipgloss tends to do. As for staying power i’v had this on for 8 hours, ate and drank with it and not had to re-apply which is so refreshing.

I think it’s safe to say i love this product! I would recommend it to anyone and will 100% be buying some more so well done primark.

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Film review: wonder women

So the other day I went to see Wonder Women so I thought I would post a little review for you.

I was really excited about the release of this film for two reasons; the first being that I really love super hero films and secondly I love the idea of a female being front and centre of one of these films and I have to say that this film did not disappoint.

Casting:  I love the casting of this film there’s a lot of strong women but I especially love the casting of wonder women herself. Played by Gal Gadot in her first leading role and she played it with a charming naivety that you would expect of a character of whom hasn’t been told the whole truth about what she is capable of. Despite this she is strong, honest and capable. 

Storylines: As story lined go it’s pretty standard of what you would expect from a super hero origin story (I won’t go into details because I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you) however what is charming about this story is the way it challenge’s gender stereotypes. Even though it’s set in the 1st world war it challenge’s a lot of problems women face in today’s era. I feel like this is a film mothers should get their daughter’s to watch.

Summary: Overall I loved this film! I wanted to do some positive’s and negative’s but I struggled to find any of the latter. For me it’s the film of the year so far and well worth a watch. Overall 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Living on a budget: My tips

Hi guys.

If you have read any of my previous blog post you will know that one of my goals is to move to London, because of this i have been saving hard and after i have paid my rent and my phone bill it leaves me with about £200 a month to live on. Because of this i have had to learn how live on a small budget so i thought this post i would share my tips on how i do this and hopefully you can pick some tips.

  1.  My first tip is to not be frightened of second hand. Honestly guys i used to be such a snob and hated buying second hand but as i grew i up i realised that you can find some real gems in a charity shop. Another good thing about this is that because they don’t cost very much you can customise or alter them in any way you want without breaking the bank and that way you will have something 100% unique that nobody else will have. Also a lot of trends come back around so you could have tomorrow’s big trend.
  2. My second tip is to pre-buy presents. I know that occasions like Christmas only come around once a year but i have already started shopping for it. You probably think i’m mad but if you find the perfect gift for someone on sale in June it could be 2x more expensive by December so it pays to get it’s whilst it’s cheap.
  3. Tip 3 is to not buy bulk loads of cheap rubbish that is going to be ruined in a few weeks. Sometimes it’s worth investing in something that’s a little bit more expensive that will last and you will love for a lifetime rather than something cheaper that you’ll be bored of pretty quickly.
  4. Tip number 4 is that you don’t have to blow a lot of money on a night out to have a good time. I have learned that it’s more about who your with than what your doing. So a girls night in is just as fun as going clubbing and a lot cheaper
  5. My final tip is probably pretty obvious but embrace a sale! I love the January sales and any sale in fact. Just because you can get a lot more for your money and if it’s a piece that you have been dying for but it’s a little out of your price range sometimes it pays to wait. But one thing i will say is once a sale hits you have to act fast because things will sell out quickly.

There you go guys, these are my top five tips for living on a shoe string budget. I hope you find them useful and let me know how you got on implementing them. I’m hoping to do a charity shop challenge post in the near future so let me know if that is something that you would like to see.

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#Askmeanything twitter Q and A

Hey guys

Sometimes i feel like i want to write a post telling you a little more about me and who i am, but then at the same time what i think is interesting you might not so i don’t want to bombard you with information that you guys couldn’t care less about so i thought it would be fun to find out what you guys would like to know, so i asked twitter. Some lovely people that follow me on there have asked me questions which i’m going to answer in this post, i will put a links to their twitters so don’t forget to follow them xx

@eleaanormay what’s your favourite Disney Movie? 

Well first of all i’m a big Disney fan and i haven’t watched a Disney film and didn’t like it, but i have to say my favourite one is Beauty and the Beast. Just because it has such a positive message about acceptance and it’s whats on the inside that counts. It has some great lessons for children to grow up and learn. Also i think that Belle is such a strong female character and doesn’t let the fact that she is female stop her and i think that every women should have a little bit of Belle in her.

@xxbkt – What’s your dream career? 

Now this question is a little hard for me to answer because i have a few things that i’m passionate about. My degree is in visual media so i would defiantly like to do something with that. But i also have a big passion for writing, fashion, beauty so i would like to explore those more. I don’t want to be stuck in just one lane, so i guess you could say my dream career is to be able to make a living from being creative. Also something that’s not on that spectrum but i would love to open a bakery with my sister.

@stacespacex  What makes you happiest? 

What makes me happiest is just spending time with the people i love, i don’t really care what i am doing as long as i am with them.

Who’s your Favourite celebrity and why?

My favourite celebrity is Fearne Cotton. I grew up watching her on Top of the pops and just loved her. She has an amazing style and is so comfortable with who she is. Also if i could be even 1% as cool as she is i would be happy.

What did you want to be when you grew up, when you where younger?

I always wanted to be a writer when i was younger, instead of playing outside i would be in my bedroom writing scripts and short stories (They where never very good). But funny story i did go through a stage of wanting to be a librarian because i watched the first mummy film and thought that’s what librarians did.

@ktlgh What got you into blogging? 

I had been thinking about starting a blog for a while, but what made me finally decide to do it was just the fact that i love writing and the opportunity to write about what i wanted with out restriction is such a good opportunity.

Who’s the biggest inspiration in your life? 

In my personal life it’s 100% my mum, she has been through a lot in her life and comes out the other side stronger. In a professional life i would say JK Rowling, her story is so inspiring and reading the first Harry potter books is what first made me want to be a writer.

@saffronwatson What’s your favourite gif? 

Ooh a hard question because if you follow me on twitter you will know i love a gif. I think my favourite one has to be the stitch one where he talks about Ohana, just because it’s super cute and of course it’s Disney.

What would be your dream job?

This question is similar to an earlier one and as i said i just would love to make a living from creative projects. On creative project that i would love to do is some sort of fashion documentary just because it could combine my degree with my love for fashion.

Favourite chocolate bar? 

well because i am female i obviously love chocolate, and i go through stages of obsession. But i think my all time favourite is a Terry’s chocolate orange.

If you where a biscuit what would you be and why? 

First of all i love this question and i have actually been asked this in a job interview before. If i was a biscuit i would 100% be a Ginger nut, just because i’m a natural redhead and i’m a little crazy.

@whatchloewrote Whats the one item of clothing that you can’t live without? 

I had to think about this one for a while because there is a few bits and bob i need just because where i live e.g. Jumpers because it get’s really cold living by the sea. But the one thing i couldn’t live without is a good pair of black jeans. Just because i love wearing jeans due to how versatile they are and you can wear them all year round, and black ones just because for me when it comes to jeans i prefer them the darker the better.

@kvburton657 If your home was on fire and you could only grab 5 items what would they be? 

Well number 1, 2 would be  my cats Poppy and Coco. 3 would be the fish tank with the fish in, 4 would be my phone, 5  would be my laptop.

Dream Pet and why? 

Well a pet that i have always wanted is a pug dog but i can’t have one because i have cats.

Who do you most look up to? 

well because she is my biggest inspiration i 100% look up to my mum. Just for the same reason as before.

If you could put yourself in any sitcom or drama which would it be, who would you be and why? 

Well one of my friends say’s i’m a lot like Max Black from 2 broke girls,Not in the smoking drugs way, but because apparently i can be quite sassy. Also i have the being broke thing down so i would probably be her.

If money where no object, where would you be booking to go on holiday next? 

If money where no object i probably would just go everywhere, there are so many different places i want to go so i’d probably just spend my life travelling the world.

@rossclark2017 what is your dream career/ hopes and dreams for the future?

As i said earlier my dream career is just to be creative, and my hopes and dreams for the future are to just simply be able to live comfortable enough so i don’t have to worry about money and i would love to buy my mum/dad their dream house.

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Life update/May goals

Hi guys

Last time I uploaded onto my blog was probably over a month ago, if you read that post you will know that I was suffering from anxiety. After I went to see my doctor he put me on medication called sertraline which does control my anxiety but side affects made me feel drowsy, so it was important that I rested when I was not working. Luckily I am much better, I do still have days where I feel super anxious for reasons that I don’t even know myself but I do have it under control and taking some time out to rest has helped. I’m in a much more positive mind frame now and I feel super motivated so here are some are my goals for May.

  • Getting back into blogging as I have been really missing it.

  • Get my diet back on track, there is still a lot of weight that I want to loose so I would love to get that underway this month I have joined slimming world so I would love to lose at least half a stone by the end of this month

  • Another one related to my health I want to get back into my fitness, last year I was really into it and going at least 5x a week, motivation really dropped when I got ill so once I get some weight off I want to get back into my fitness

So those are my three goals for this month, I’m hoping that May will be a lot more of a positive experience thank April and i’m looking at it in a much more positive way. I have a lot of things to look forward to the coming month.

I hope you guys have a awesome month, why don’t you tell me some of your goals in the comments below and if you would like to follow me on social media I will pop those links below as well.

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